Snapshots from Medellin

A friend of mine asked me to pull some photos together and I thought I would through them in a blog post. Enjoy!

What people think a town square in Colombia looks like. (ie the horses)

What a town shopping area actually looks like.

Sunset over the mountains, view from apartment.

View looking the other way during the daytime, and yes I live in a valley.

This is what a typical neighborhood street looks like.

Shopping in the downtown district, known as “the hole” by locals.

View from the cable cars, hovering over the forest on top of the mountain.

What a $5 lunch looks like, with fresh fish and salad.

Somehow we were casted as the faces of Colombia in a TV commercial.

Pool Party on a Saturday. Yes the people are really this good looking.

DJ at the Pool Party.

Paragliding in the mountains.

This is a chiva, which is basically a party bus that we used to get to the water park.

Hanging out at the waterpark with friends.

Huge waterpark (note this picture was taken at closing time) it was packed during the day. Had a wave pool, lazy river and about a dozen water slides.

Did I miss something? Want to see a picture of me doing something while here? Let me know in the comments.